Pastel Fruit Salad Necklace

Pastel Fruit Salad Necklace

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Brand new Pastel Fruit Salad necklaces have arrived!

Straight outta the 50s, but brand spanking new!

Designed and handmade by Counter Culture Republic, this strand of beads and acrylic fruit are made to complement and accentuate whatever you are wearing!

The fruit are carefully layered, please the eye of the viewer and add interest to your outfit.

We take great care to produce and aesthetically appealing necklace.

Necklaces feature .8cm beads (approximately).

This necklace measures 64cm long, end to end, when measured with clasp undone.

Necklaces contain miniature acrylic fruit.

Size wise, each fruit is approximately 1.7cm long.

Note - Fruits will vary in colour. They will not always be as pictured i.e a pineapple may be pink not yellow. These are handmade, individual items.

Necklace closes with a lobster clasp.

We just love this replica 50's item~!

Treat her kindly - this little beauty is handmade.

Listing is for one necklace.

These necklaces are handmade, each one is individual.

Bead wire can stretch over time - we suggest that you store your necklace flat, not hanging.