Leather Patent Belt Red White Black XS-2XL

Leather Patent Belt Red White Black XS-2XL

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Tired of the same old belts? 
Get something a Pin Up Girl would wear! 
This is a costume belt. It is great for finishing off an outfit and taking pinup style photographs. It is not for general wear. The belt buckle can 'pop' off - this is the style in which they are made. Please be mindful of this when purchasing. We have listed it cheaply for this reason. Returns not accepted.


This 2" wide bonded patent leather belt has a matching rectangular belt buckle. 

This belt was designed to be worn as a cinch belt and is flexible.
Add oomph to your outfit!


Recommended waist measurements for the belts:
X. Small: 27" - 29"
Small: 30" - 32"
Medium: 33" - 35"
Large: 36" - 38"
X. Large: 39" - 41" 
2X. Large: 42" - 44"


Other specifications:

Size XS measures 68cm from buckle to first hole, 71cm to 2nd hole, 73cm to 3rd hole, 76cm to fourth hole, 78cm to fifth hole. Belt is 86.5cm in total length.

Size S measures 76.5 cm from buckle to first hole, 79cm to 2nd hole, 82cm  to 3rd hole, 84.5cm to fourth hole, 87cm to fifth hole. Belt is 95cm in total length.

Size M measures 86 cm from buckle to first hole, 88.5cm to 2nd hole, 91cm  to 3rd hole, 93.5cm to fourth hole, 96cm to fifth hole. Belt is 105cm in total length.

Size L measures 96.5 cm from buckle to first hole, 99cm to 2nd hole, 101.5cm  to 3rd hole, 104cm to fourth hole, 106.5cm to fifth hole. Belt is 115.5cm in total length.

Size XL measures 106 cm from buckle to first hole, 109cm to 2nd hole, 111cm  to 3rd hole, 113.5cm to fourth hole, 116cm to fifth hole. Belt is 125cm in total length.


Size 2XL measures 116.5 cm from buckle to first hole, 119cm to 2nd hole, 121.5cm  to 3rd hole, 124cm to fourth hole, 126.5cm to fifth hole. Belt is 135.5cm in total length.


All sizes are approximate.

Stock photograph with model used for visual appeal purposes only and is not an accurate representation of the belt we are selling.

Please refer to our own photographs (with no model) for an accurate representation of what the belts look like. 

The insert of belt buckles are 'popped' into pace. They are not glued in. This is how they are manufactured and is not a design fault. Should they come loose, pop them back into place or apply some super glue to affix to your liking. If you do not like the fact that you can dismantle the belt please do not buy this product. 

NB - Bonded leather, is a term used for a man-made upholstery material made as a layered structure of a fiber or paper backer, a pulp made from shredded leather, and a polyurethane coating which is embossed with a leather-like texture.