Hula Girl Dashboard Doll - 4 Varieties

Hula Girl Dashboard Doll - 4 Varieties

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Hula Girl Alert! These wobbling dolls are a perfect gift!

This tribal tiki cutie is new on our shelves. 

This dashboard doll makes a fabulous gift and is available in four varieties and with a natural or green grass skirt! 

Use it as a dashboard doll or as an ornament in your tiki bar! 

Available with or without a ukulele. 

Dolls attach to the dash with a sticky base. Dolls wobble as you drive. 


18.5cm tall. 

This listing is for one doll. 

Note: Dolls may have thinner skirts than pictured and they may be more flared. The flare of skirts vary.

Skirt colour may very depending on manufacturer. The green and natural shades may differ.

Note: We are not responsible should any damage occur to the dashboard or any other surface where doll is attached. Buyers purchase at their own risk.

Note Number 2: Plastic may be slightly scratched on boxes or box may have dents - this does not affect the product. They were shipped to us in this manner by the manufacturer.

Postage includes packing materials.