Hell Bunny Kailey Belt - Plus Size 4XL Imperfect

Hell Bunny Kailey Belt - Plus Size 4XL Imperfect

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Tired of the same old belts? 

Get something a Pin Up Girl would wear! 

Note - this belt is not perfect - see the non stock photo. It has fabric that has come away from the belt buckle. This is why the item has been discounted. You could try fixing it or just wear it a few times.


Faux leather belt.

Belt buckle at the front to fasten.

Punched holes for the buckle to go through.

Topstitch around the edges of the belt.

Fabric content: 55% Polyurethane 45% Elastane.


This 2.25" / 6.25cm wide faux patent leather belt has a matching rectangular belt buckle. 

This belt was designed to be worn as a cinch belt and is flexible.
Add oomph to your outfit!

Recommended waist measurements for the belts:

2XL: 36" - 41" 

3XL: 39" - 43" 

4XL: 42" - 46.5" 

Other specifications:

Size 2XL measures 92.5cm from buckle to first hole, 95.5cm to 2nd hole, 98.5cm  to 3rd hole, 101.5cm to fourth hole, 104.5cm to fifth hole. Belt is 114cm in total length.

Size 3XL measures 99.5cm from buckle to first hole, 102.5cm to 2nd hole, 105.5cm to 3rd hole, 108.5cm to fourth hole, 111.5cm to fifth hole. Belt is 122cm in total length.

Size 4XL measures 107.25cm from buckle to first hole, 110cm to 2nd hole, 113cm to 3rd hole, 116.5cm to fourth hole, 119.25cm to fifth hole. Belt is 129.5cm in total length.

All sizes are approximate.