Gumball Necklace - Yellow Pink Blue

Gumball Necklace - Yellow Pink Blue

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Our brand new Gumball necklaces have arrived!
Available now in five colourways - light pink, dark pink, lemon, blue and sunflower yellow.
This beaded necklace features 8 large and multiple small beads on an elastic string.
It is easy to fit over a regular-sized woman's head.
Just remember to do your hair afterwards - as it may not get the beads over a beehive!
This necklace measures 23.5m when measured laid flat, on either side.
Note: the necklace will hang less than 23.5cm on yourself.
This listing is for one single-coloured gumball necklace.
We have several colours available for sale. 
Check the model for where the necklace is expected to sit. It may sit a smidge higher than on a plastic dummy.
Overall, we are in love with this replica 50's item~!