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Dulton Red Streamline Kitchen Scales - Postage Included

Dulton Red Streamline Kitchen Scales - Postage Included

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Welcome to your new kitchen scales!

Made by Dulton, these pretties will add pizzazz to any space.

They are functional and beautiful.


  • Dulton Metal Kitchen Scale   

  • Colour: Red 

  • Weight Capacity: 2kg 

  • Dimensions: 22.5cm tall x 14cm wide

Beautifully crafted, the streamline kitchen scale by Dulton is an eye catching yet functional piece of home decor for your kitchen. Inspired by the 1940s industrial aesthetic of the post World War 2 era and manufactured using many of the techniques from that time, this scale looks fantastic in both a modern and retro style kitchen.

The scales are 22.5cm tall and 14cm wide and are made of powder coated metal. Weight capacity 2kg. Tray diameter: 20cm Stainless Steel.

Loved by pinups and rockabilly greasers alike!

Postage cost  is included in price.