Dulton Quartz Alarm Clock Yellow

Dulton Quartz Alarm Clock Yellow

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This Quartz Alarm Clock from Dulton will get you up on time!

It's a kitsch cutie that stands on two feet at the front, and has a flat stand at rear.

This clock is yellow.

A note on the Luminescent Hands (Shine a torch on the hands and they glow. The clock hands do not stay luminescent all evening - the clocks use phosphorescent materials which "charge" up in bright light then continue to glow for some time in the dark, then fade.)



  • Analogue clock made from metal 
  • Bell alarm 
  • Luminescent hands for reading in the dark
  • Numbered face
  • Second hand with sweep movement that doesn't tick
  • Powder-coated for longevity
Measures :
11W x 9D x 7H cm
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