Bulk Lot 12 Vintage Pre Loved Hair Scarves 50s Rockabilly PinUp Scarf Square Rag

Bulk Lot 12 Vintage Pre Loved Hair Scarves 50s Rockabilly PinUp Scarf Square Rag

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This is your chance to grab a bulk lot of vintage scarves all in one hit.

A range of colours, sizes and fabrics are available in this lot of 12 scarves.

All scarves are un-ironed. They will be a little crushed due to age. 
Scarves may have small holes where price tage were situated previously.
We will leave it up to the next owners to get wrinkles out.
If scarves smell aged (not mouldy) give them a wash.
We reiterate, this is a bulk lot of vintage and pre-loved scarves - they are not new & unused.

No returns accepted for marked or loose threads as this is how these scarves may come.
They are NOT new.

We will list approximate dimensions of each scarf here:
1. Pale Pink 'Satin Style' scarf. Made by Brooks in Japan. Acetate. 79cm x 75cm.
2. Navy Opaque Scarf. 76cm x 76cm. 
3. Red Scarf with line detailing. 70cm x 70cm.
4. Pale Blue Opaque Scarf. 68cm x 68cm.
5. Dark Navy Scarf with line detailing. 77cm x 77cm.
6. Green Scarf with Stripe Detailing. Made in Italy. 68cm x 68cm.
7. Grey Blue See-through Scarf. Rectangle. 183cm x 45cm.
8. Red Nylon Scarf. Made in Japan. 68cm x 68cm.
9. Dark Mint Scarf. 72cm x 72cm.
10. Teal Rectangle Scarf. 130cm x 25cm.
11. Royal Blue Scarf with border. 68cm x 68cm.
12. Green Scarf with Stripes and Squares detailing. 67cm x 67cm.

All sizes are approximate.

We recommend these scarves be aired to let pre-existing scents dissapate.

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