Gumball Necklace - Violet Grande

Gumball Necklace - Violet Grande

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Brand new Gumball necklaces have arrived!

Designed and handmade by Counter Culture Republic, these strands of beads are made to complement and accentuate whatever you are wearing!
Necklaces are graduated and featuring 1cm beads, 1.6cm beads and 2 cm beads (approximately).
This necklace measures 45cm long, end to end, when measured with clasp undone.
Necklace closes with a lobster clasp. 
We just love this replica 50's item~!
Treat her kindly - this little beauty is handmade.
Listing is for one single-coloured gumball necklace.
This colourway is purple.
These necklaces are handmade, each one is individual.
Bead wire can stretch over time - we suggest that you store your necklace flat, not hanging.
Deep purple is a very hard colour to manufacture, and the process for dyeing beads purple can differ from other colours. These beads have been dip dyed and have a small mark on each bead from where they were positioned on the drying rack. The mark looks like a scuff or a white blemish. The mark would be no more than a few millimetres each way in length. Please keep this in mind when buying. we have not been able to source 'perfect' dark purple beads.