Japanese Nylon Scarf - Polka Dot

Japanese Nylon Scarf - Polka Dot

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Perfect for pinups - these nylon scarves are adorned with small, white, polka dots!
This product is approximately 65cm x 65cm square. 
Scarves are made in Japan and are reproductions of 1950s style nylon scarves.
These are sheer scarves which can hold their shape.
Made of nylon they are less likely to slip around.
Ideal for wearing in a bow, or bandana style or worn around the neck.
6 sit-up-and-take-notice colours available. 
A dazzling addition to our Pin-Up hair accessory line. 

These stunning sheer nylon hair scarves are a must have for any gals wardrobe. 
A popular hair accessory used in past time periods, such as the 1950s. 

Made of nylon, these are a light-weight product.
Cheap and cheerful, these scarves are here for a good time, not a long time.
Measuring approximately 65cm x 65cm square, some variations may occur.
Colours available: 
Green Polka Dot
Blue Polka Dot
Ivory Polka Dot
Red Polka Dot
Pink Polka Dot
NOTE: Colours appear darker when scarf is folded. When scarf is unfolded, scarves are pale and sheer - refer our unfolded stock photographs for a better indication of scarf colours.